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9 Steps to the Perfect Landscape

By Ashton Harris December 28, 2016 0 comments

Landscaping Services

Developing a lasting plan that meets both utility and beauty can be quite the undertaking. The Garden Gates has been creating and designing impressive and functional gardens for over 20 years. We start with mere sketches using pen and ink to envision and bring to life the garden of your dreams. We know how the careful placement of a flowering tree, a working kitchen garden or a simple planter with tightly sheered topiaries and complimenting cascading flowers can all bring beauty and sensibility to your garden. The dedicated team of landscape architects, horticulturalists, and designers at The Garden Gates can create an environment to meet all of your outdoor landscaping needs, whether for today or the ever evolving future.


Pave the way to your beautiful patio and garden with concrete pavers. Complimenting your home and garden with a variety of attractive hardscape options is easily achievable with distinctive concrete pavers.  The installation process allows for a variety of patterns and possibilities to meet the needs of any specific project. Utilize pavers to design charming walkways and entertaining areas that will bring warmth and beauty to your home and garden. Concrete pavers are available in several styles, colors, and thicknesses, which allow versatility in various applications whether it’s adapting to existing conditions or new construction.


Creating an exquisite garden is a true art form. Planting the right trees, flowers, and shrubs, as well as knowing where they will thrive best is key when maintaining a garden. Selecting the proper plant for the appropriate area of your garden is often the toughest decision. When our staff reviews your outdoor site, they will determine the most suitable plants based on growing conditions and general purposes of your garden. Once the right plant is selected, it's important that the planting area is installed correctly and prepared with sustainable products. The overall team goal of The Garden Gates is to provide your home and garden with years of enjoyment as the garden grows into maturity.


Quench your garden's thirst! It's important to ensure that your Garden is looking its best and blooming to its full potential with a proper irrigation system. Irrigation systems provide your garden with the much-needed water to thrive in the New Orleans environment. When an irrigation system is correctly designed and installed, it guarantees that your plants will grow and flourish to their full beauty. The systems use irrigation fertilizer injectors, creating automatic fertilizer programs with virtually no effort. Irrigation fertilizer injectors supply small amounts of fertilizer feed during each watering cycle to provide the best overall care for your garden.  

Low Voltage Lighting

Having the right landscaping light is as important as the plants themselves. Cascading light across lush trees will illuminate shadows against your home. It's a warm, gentle light that leads you through a pathway or the soft shadow on the porch. The design and installation of landscape lighting transforms the mysteries of the garden at night into a mirage-like setting at your home. Using underground wiring with low voltage transformers will offer custom timing as well as photocell activation. The Garden Gates designs and installs the highest quality products using cast aluminum and many other options to create the perfect setting for all of your family memories and moments. With low voltage lighting, you can create the perfect ambience in your garden.

Lawn Maintenance

Just like any living plant, your lawn needs the utmost care and attention for it to look and grow its best. Give your lawn the proper treatment it deserves. The Garden Gates can provide you with our bi-weekly lawn maintenance service at your property. Our maintenance team is skilled in all the tasks that go into lawn care. From lawn edging, to string trimming and clean up, we can improve your lawn. We know the best techniques and knowledge for maintaining the healthiest and most beautiful lawns. Allow our experienced professionals to help you achieve your dream lawn. With the correct lawn maintenance and care, your outdoor area will be lush and green for you and your family to enjoy.

Seasonal Color Rotations

Seasons change, and so does your outdoor maintenance routine. With seasonal color rotations, you ensure that your outdoor space is getting the best care year round. The Garden Gates seasonal color rotation service is provided 3 times per year, in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Maintenance includes the removal of existing waste, replacing old soil with new organic planting soil and feeding of plants. We know the proper tricks and techniques for optimum seasonal care of your yard. By adding nutrients to plants, we increase flowering and reduce watering. Leave the worrying to us and rest assured all year knowing that your lawn and garden are getting the best treatment possible.


Pruning is essential to many plants and flowers developing to their fullest potential. Make sure your garden is pruned properly all year long and always looks its loveliest. The Garden Gates provides pruning services 12 times per year so you have the best care for your garden. We also provide topiary training and sculpting for those looking to gain some great gardening knowledge. Make sure your flowers and plants get optimum pruning with experienced professionals from the Garden Gates. We offer timed pruning to promote flowering of camellias, azaleas, perennials and more. Witness the difference pruning makes in your garden.

Horticultural Care

Cultivate and maintain your garden with premium horticultural care from The Garden Gates. Improve the health and overall appearance of your garden. The Garden Gates will assist in creating a program developed and based on your landscaping needs and budget. Taking proper steps to make sure all of your plants and flowers are thriving, we provide preventative programs to ensure your garden stays healthy year round. Discover horticultural care services from The Garden Gates. We offer the best custom plans for your specific garden. Your garden will get the proper horticultural care from our preventative maintenance that includes spraying to impede bugs and insects.

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