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Seasonal Flowers

Right Plant- Right Place:

Selecting the right seasonal flowers for the right place is the 2nd most important thing you can do to have a successful planting season.  The most important is preparing the garden for planting by amending the soil.( read more about soil here)  Picking the right plants comes down to a little bit of " trying" and a lot of plant research.  Understanding some simple things about fall seasonal planting in New Orleans is all about light sensitivity and daylight hours.  Petunias are beautiful flowering plants that do well along the avenues and neighborhoods of Metairie, Uptown and Southern Louisiana.  However, Petunias are daylight sensitive, meaning they need longer days of light in order to flower. Once daylight savings begins, petunias will produce tons of growth with about 20% of the plant flowering.

Top 3 Fall  Seasonal Flowers in New Orleans

New Orleans fall weather is like having a second Spring.  The day time temperatures are mild, the nights are amazingly beautiful, and all the plants begin to transform from the brutal Summer temperatures.  As Fall temperatures begin to make it enjoyable to work in the garden again, this is the ideal time to plan for beautiful flowering garden.

1. Sweet Alyssum

Alyssum is from the family Brassicaceae with 100-170 species of flowering plants. Lobularia is the cultivated species that is the best known variety, " sweet alyssum"  which gives off a sweet fragrance when flowering.  Great trailing plant that is best used at the front of a planting area as a border. Seaonsal Flowers of Sweet Alyssum

2. Snap Dragons

Snap Dragons are from the Antirrhinum plant family and get there name because the flower resembles a dragons face.  Snap Dragons make the ideal plant selection for fall seasonal flowers at your home because they will produce amazing fall color. Snap Dragons

3. Pansies

Pansies are an ideal winter seasonal flowering plant because they are considered a neutral plant, meaning the flower is not a direct result of the length of daylight.  Pansies are a hybridized version of a viola and have many varieties to choose for your garden.  The Matrix Pansy variety provides the longest seasonal flower in New Orleans, often flowering from October into mid May.   Pansy   When selecting seasonal flowers for your garden, make sure to consider using a combination of flowering fall plants to provide a beautiful garden bed for the fall and winter.

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