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Proper Plant Spacing

By 2 September 04, 2014 0 comments

Proper Plant Spacing for a New Orleans or Metairie Landscape

One of the most difficult things about a new landscape is proper plant spacing.  When plants are spaced correctly, a lush New Orleans landscape will transform your home. Achieving a great landscape that offers years of enjoyment will require the right plant spacing.  Most homeowners today consult with a Landscape Architect or Landscape Designer about their home landscape.  As a homeowner, you have been trained to request 3 estimates for all work at your home and often this is where things go wrong.  Landscape Designers or Landscape Architects each have their own vision and typically these visions will have a different cost.  If you receive 3 different landscape designs, you will receive 3 different estimates with no clear comparison.  Until you have an apples to apples estimate, it is nearly impossible to find the right estimate for your home.    Here are a few things to help you understand a landscape estimate and how proper plant spacing can grossly alter the installed price.

Proper space for landscape plant material:

  • 1 gallon boxwood hedge - 12 inch on center
  • 3 gallon boxwood hedge - 24-30 inches on center
  • 3 gallon indian hawthorne - 30 inches on center
  • 3 gallon azalea flowering shrubs- 24 -30 inches on center
  • 3 gallon yew hedge - 24 inches on center
  • 4 inch dwarf mondo grass - 4-6 inches on center
  • 4 inch asian jasmine - 4-6 inches on center
  • 4 inch seasonal color - 4 inches on center
If an estimate contains 10- 1 gallon boxwoods and another contains 20- 1 gallon boxwoods, one estimate will cost 100% more than the other. The same goes for seasonal color, ground covers and basically any product on any estimate. As you can see below, without understanding the correct quantity for plant spacing, you can easily end of with a landscape that is underplanted. Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 2.10.50 PM Using the above list of plant material that is readily used in New Orleans and Metairie landscapes, you will be able to read any landscape estimate for a price comparison.  Many landscape contractors will reduce the plant material and increase the plant spacing to control the overall cost of the of a project without explaining this to the homeowner. Consider hiring a Landscape Architect to help you with your landscape project.  

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