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Ivy Topiary Shapes

By 2 February 28, 2015 0 comments

 Five Ivy Topiary Shapes

The Garden Gates offers five large categories of live ivy topiaries. We have cones, balls, baskets, wreaths, and decorative shapes. You can put them indoors or outdoors. They are appropriate for every day, holidays and special occasions, as well as for gift-giving. Ivy topiaries are a popular way of making an environment more gracious and attractive. You can use them to fill an empty space, balance a space, or you can accent and add interest to it. We have something for every room in your house, whether a small bedroom to a huge formal living room, a deck, patio, or garden. Topiaries can also brighten up an office, and the live greenery will freshen the air. Cone topiaries are vertical shapes. Besides basic cone and teardrop forms, we offer triple diamond frames, a pointed globe, as well as combinations of balls and cones. This category ranges in height from about 1-7 feet tall. Our ball topiaries also include vertical shapes balls on stems, as well as ball and cone shapes, and globes with lower profiles. We have single, double, and triple balls on stems. The height range is about 1-6 feet. With a pair of taller vertical topiaries, you can balance the sides of an entryway, doorway, French doors, window, fireplace mantle, mirror, painting, poster, couch, chest, or other large piece of furniture. You can use a single topiary to fill a corner or add an accent to a horizontal space such as a shelf, buffet, window sill, hallway, long counter, or table. Slender vertical shapes won't block the view. They don't need much space, but will add interest and color to any area. You can also place dried grasses, mosses, and silk flowers in the pot at the base of vertical topiaries to fill in any empty spaces around the base. Ivy Ball on a Stem 10" A vertical topiary can also look good on the floor beside a piece of furniture, like an occasional chair, couch, or even a piano. A tall cone or ball topiary can accent a corner of your deck, porch, or patio. And during the holiday season, a cone-shaped topiary can double as a small Christmas tree; you can decorate it with Christmas lights, ribbons, and small ornaments. We offer two basket topiaries. The half basket is designed for hanging on a wall or door, and lends a rustic appearance to the décor. It would be quite appropriate in a garden setting, hung on a fence. The round basket has an opening that you can fill with flowers, ornaments, or whatever you like. Try putting it on a countertop or table as part of a centerpiece. During Easter you can fill it with colored eggs, flowers, candy, and chocolate. Our decorative topiary category includes the greatest variety of smaller shapes. You'll find lots of ideas for smaller settings, groupings, centerpieces, holidays, and gift giving. While it may not be a good idea to present someone with a live animal for a gift, we've a menagerie of animal topiaries covered in live English ivy! There's a cat, dog, bear and pig that are sure to delight children; there's a bunny that can do double duty for Easter, and reindeer you can dress up in bows and bells for Christmas. For the birdlover, we have a small birdcage in which you can put bird figurines. And that's not all - we have a wine caddy, rustic trellis, gazebo, candleholder, star, and a swirl topiary on a stem. All of these are suitable for tabletops, mantles, and shelves. There are also an elegant spiral and crown, for larger spots, inside or outdoors. Finally, we've got wreaths, which are always popular. From the most familiar type for hanging on a door or wall, we also have ring forms planted in pots. Wreaths are not just for Christmas decorations; for a lovely way to mark each new season, you can redecorate a wreath with dried or silk fruit, flowers, and herbs. For spring, think of crocuses, daffodils, tulips, and yellow, pale pink, and light blue ribbons. Sunflowers, daisies, peaches, berries, plums, peppers, even tropical fruits and flowers along with red, orange, purple, deep blue ribbons for summer; chrysanthemums, asters, pears, apples, small pumpkins, and orange, gold, and brown ribbons for fall; pine branches, cones, nuts, red, green, and gold ribbons for winter. Not only are there wreaths and rings in this category, there's even a kissing ball that can be decorated with mistletoe and hung up for Christmas to liven up a party! With all these choices, it seems a shame to choose just one topiary. With so many possibilities and such great versatility - for use both indoors and outdoor; every day or special occasions; small, medium, or large shapes; slender or rounded; sitting on the floor, a table, or hanging up; changing the décor as you please - why stop with one topiary? Ivy topiaries are shipped straight to you or directly to friends and loved ones as gifts throughout the year. Make sure to keep your ivy topiaries watered in an area that receives filtered sunlight from windows or is shaded when outdoors.

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