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Ivy Topiaries Gifts

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Ivy Topiaries Gifts 

If you're in search of a gift, why not consider one of our ivy topiaries? Live topiary would certainly be something out of the ordinary, the ivy can last for years, and many of our pieces are smaller, easy to transport and move from one room or area to another. Not only that, topiaries naturally lend themselves to decorating and they're not hard to take care of. And don't think they're only suitable for bigger, fancier homes and gardens. Topiaries are quite versatile and can suit small, casual, and rustic spaces as well. The Garden Gates has a big selection of ivy topiaries gifts.   You're sure to find the right shape and size to suit the people on your list, whatever their age or personality. If you want to help them celebrate special occasions, from birthdays to housewarmings, whether informal or formal, we've got them all covered. Invited to a housewarming? What about a pretty wine caddy which you can fill with two bottles of wine, or if not wine, something else a new homeowner might like to have - whether flavored cooking oils, sauces, vinegars, salad dressings; soaps, bath salts, body washes, small bottles of shampoo, maybe a few hand towels? If you want a gift for a garden lover, we have ivy topiary on a rustic trellis, a delightful gazebo, and baskets; to add an even more personal touch, you can adorn them with small flowers, plants, seed packets, ornaments, or even small figurines and dolls. Spiral, crown, and cone shapes would look splendid in a garden, or on a porch, deck, or patio. These can can stand alone, be combined with other topiaries or plants, moved about with the seasons, or brought indoors for a completely different look. For Christmas and New Year, we have a candleholder or star for holiday-themed centerpieces on a table or decorations on shelf or mantle come to mind. Choose a bright taper candle, entwine it in ribbons, drape little lights on the star-shaped frame. We also have wreaths for your door. Let's not forget a reindeer. Or two. Or maybe a herd of them. What could be more perfect for Valentine's Day than a heart? We have hearts of various sizes; you can choose a heart planted low in a pot, or mounted on a stem. You can even put another small gift in the pot, like a bracelet or necklace. A heart-shaped topiary would also be a lovely gift for an engagement party, wedding, baby shower, and wedding anniversary. But topiaries aren't just for grownups, you know. What about a topiary for a child? Surprise a little boy or girl with a charming animal figure. Choose from a cat, dog, pig, and bunny. They've got eyes, ears, and tails that give them endearing personalities. You can tie bright ribbons around them, adorn them with flowers, bells, even edibles like candy and chocolate to delight a child. Some kids would find a gazebo or birdcage fascinating, especially if you fill them with little extras like that. But who says you can't give gifts like these topiaries to adults too? It would only be natural to give a cat lover a cat topiary, a dog lover a dog topiary, and we even have a pig topiary for any pig lover. Come to think of it, why would the recipients even have to be people? You could even give your dogs, cats, or other pets their own topiaries for their birthdays (and borrow them from time to time for your own purposes, of course)! And of course, why not give yourself a topiary gift? After all, who deserves one more than you? Ivy topiaries are shipped straight to you or directly to friends and loved ones as gifts throughout the year. Make sure to keep your ivy topiaries watered in an area that receives filtered sunlight from windows or is shaded when outdoors. Whether you want something for inside or outside, for a home, garden space, or office, you can rest assured we have topiary pieces you can be proud to give as gifts.

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