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(0:04) Hey this is Chad Harris from, today we're going to do a little Fermob Bistro Chair review and understand that Fermob Bistro Chair Sale don't exist. We're going to give you a little insight about the chair, we're going to talk about the colors, we're going to talk about the size, we're going to take some measurements, we're going to talk about how comfortable it is, all the good stuff, so stay tuned we'll be right back. (0:21) (0:22) Okay, so here we're taking a look at the Fermob Bistro Chair, this is a folding chair, this is the standard folding Bistro chair that you see all over the internet, you also see it in parks all over the country, travelling Europe, Time Square, you name it, very, very famous Bistro chair. So, let's first talk about its size, alright, so a lot of people wonder about what truly is the measurement size of this chair. So we're just going to simple, use tape measure cause, you know pictures are much easier to show. So the slat, you can see right there, is just about after 18 inches, so that's a standard seat height. The seat length is just about a 4th and the seat width is right at, just under 15 inches, so it's 14 3/4. And so the back height of the chair, really simple, back height off of the chair, you can see, is right out about the 16 inch mark and at the top, the top slat is actually a little bit wider than the bottom height, just a little bit wider. (1:42) And so, the super comfortable chair, the back height on the chair.....sorry about that, so the back height, from the ground to the back height of the chair is standard, it's 32 and just over 32 1/4 inches. So what makes this chair so great? It's really simple, it folds, you can see right here, it has some little plastic inserts here, that he, and helps protect metal on metal. You see down, down inside of there and so this is replaceable, the snatch you can see are rigidly in place, so these aren't going to come off, real , real simple and easy to come off. (2:39) So , it folds up, the seat actually folds inside of itself when it comes completely flat, it's about 3 inches wide at its greatest point when folded and easily hump from these two sides. So a lot of people ask, is this a comfortable chair? So if 7you've seen some of my other videos, I'm just under 6in 2cm, 225 pounds.................................. I can sit in this chair for an extended period, so if you can use that as a guide, I find it pretty comfortable, I know that the chair is, does have a rating. (3:15) I know a person 250 pounds, around 250 pounds for an extended period of time, I know people that are 7 and is even larger that have no problem. So then, you can see the folding points are here and here. I recommend, over time that you oil this joint, this joint, that joint, that joint, um if you keep a nice oil on it, something along the lines of the FPS lubricant, even WD 40, at least once or twice a year that's going to help put a protective lubricant on the metal so that when it opens and closes, it extends a lot. (4:06) Other than that, the chair has real simple black feet that are actually attached right here, if you use a pair of pliers and you press it down and pulls out....... I actually made a video about the chair, feet installation is very important when you're putting these feet on their, that you use a pair of pliers because your fingers aren't strong enough to put them in place. So, a lot of people call make wonder about the colors. So we're just going to run through this really quick, the colors are available online, you can see that we have 24 colors, we have white and linen, russet, we have karat, we have paprika, the chair that you were looking at is grass green, we have sear green, you can see this is willow green on a willow green table, we have storm grey, we have liquorice, we have turquoise, we have French blue, we have nutmeg, let’s see, we have fuchsia and plum and steel grey next to the storm gray , and then we have chili, excuse me do I have more than one?                                                                                                                                               What is that, chili, I'm sorry can’t see color there. And we have poppy next to chili, and then we have, you can see we have a few colors, we have plum as well, and then you have your honey, your legume, your anthracite. (5:41) So here are the colors for this year, this is 2015, you can see I've made previous color charts, they usually remove a few colors every once in a while, they add a few colors, so what's nice is that you can mix and match colors. You can see right here, where there's 38 inch table and it has 2 pulled out chairs which is the older color, the storm grey chair and French blue chair, so those are really nice color combination as well as this Luxembourg table has a linen as well as savannah, so you can see how...... (6:16) So the folded Bistro Chair, you can see, we'll put it right next to a Luxembourg Chair so have an idea of the different sizes...... So the Luxembourg Chair is definitely designed, both for residential as well as commercial use. You'll see this chair in most of the star bucks, you'll know that it is a Fermob chair, when you see the insignia on the back; the insignia is stamped in silver. So, the difference between these 2 chairs, the Bistro, folding typical Bistro chair set at about 20, excuse me by 18 inches, and this one is just like the hire but it has more to do with the, let’s see this larger bowl chairs form metal, this is a little deeper, its 17 1/2 whereas, the Bistro chair is 12. (7:28) Its back height is going to be taller, is almost going to 34 inches where you see here, the right adjustment, it's back, next the top here, see from side to side is 19 1/2 versus just at 16 and 5 8's. So both of these chairs come in full, all the colors, there's 24 of them. You also have to know that a lot of times the color might not be in stock and it will take between 10 to 12, as many as 13 weeks to get something in stock. You always know that the colors are coming. it's great to chose what you want and you have to remember, take your time and select the colors and get a little creative and mix and match the colors together, so as you can see, like these colors go well together, a combination of that, even a color like this, you can use honey, those are great colors so it's fun, you can actually have a table, you can use a white table and then you can mix and match the chairs. (8:43) Alright, so that's about all that I can tell you about these chairs and we haven't had anybody ever call to return a chair because.............. We've had people call up, like more chairs with years add to their collection and been telling you that the Fermob Bistro folding chair, is not just a great investment, it's something that can last for a lifetime. You might have heard me talk in the past of the Luxembourg Chairs that we've had at our house in Ross, in 2005 those chairs had been at our house for at least 2 years at that point and they ended up in our pool, during the hurricane. When we took them out of the pool, the only and, I think they set the salt water for, I mean submerging salt water for some time and I want to say that, the table was now at our warehouse because we changed to the Montmartre table and chair set at our house in all white and we actually use the uh, it's that table right there but we have at our warehouse and we use it when we eat lunches. (9:46) So again, these are products that last a lifetime, so you're investment in it, is a high quality investment as well as, take your time to select you colors, so you end up with the right things that make you want to take care of them over the years. Again, this is Chad Harris with the, giving you a review on the Fermob Bistro folding chair and I also included the Luxembourg chair side to side so you can have an idea of how you can mix and match with the chairs, with folding tables as well as the colors. If you have any questions you can always give us a call at 1-877-708-6699, again this is Chad Harris at the 10:26   Fermob Bistro Chair Sale

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