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Create a Holly Privacy Screen with Trees

New Orleans neighborhoods are known for their beautiful architecture and tree lined streets.  New Orleans is also known for homes being within 6 to 8 feet of one another, which creates very little privacy between neighbors.  New Orleans landscapes are full of lush green foliage but finding the right privacy tree for screening your backyards is often difficult.  When selecting a tree for screening, consider the following options:
    • Evergreen Tree Varieties
    • Taller versus wider growth habit
    • Adequate light and growing condition
In New Orleans and Metairie, many homeowners select the Savannah Holly tree to provide a veil of privacy.  The Savannah Holly has been planted in the New Orleans landscapes for decades and offers fast and attractive privacy screening.  Savannah Hollies can reach 30 to 45 feet in height while maintaining an overall width of 6 to 10 feet, making it ideal for a privacy tree. Savannah Holly Tree for privacy screening In addition to the Savannah Holly, the East Palatka Holly tree is an improved hybrid female holly that is fast growing.  The East Palatka Holly can grow in both full sun and partial shade in moist acidic soil.  This makes it ideal for the New Orleans and Metairie landscapes because of the high humidity and wet condition from heavy rains.

What size holly tree should I plant for privacy?

Many people look to professionals for advice and assistance when taking on a project such as tree planting.  Experts provide vision, guidance and services to help achieve your goals for your home.  Here are things to ask the professionals when getting advice about tree planting:
  • Recommended size of Holly Tree
  • Spacing for Holly Trees
  • Recommended soil preparation for Holly Trees
Thinking about the right size, spacing and soil preparation is critical to provide the most cost effective tree screening for your home.  Many landscape companies in Metairie and New Orleans will offer a smaller holly tree with greater distance between each tree and with little to no soil preparation in order to keep the cost low.  While this might look great on paper, but the reality of planting a smaller tree to achieve a privacy screening will leaving you waiting for years.
When planting a holly tree for privacy screening you should plant a 30 gallon container grown tree with a minimum of a 2 inch caliper trunk (measured at 4 feet from the ground) and the tree should be no smaller than 8 feet in height and 2.5 feet in width.  A typical 30 gallon tree description in an estimate will read like this:
30 gallon East Palatka Holly - 8-10', 2" caliper dbh
30 gallon East Palatka Holly - 8-10', 2" caliper dbh Taking the time to understand what you need and if you are receiving the right information from a professional will provide you with the best end results. Consider hiring the right landscape service in Metairie or New Orleans when planting a tree privacy screen.      

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