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By Ashton Harris August 10, 2015 0 comments

Am I an Egomaniac?

I remember like it was yesterday. The day my mother told me that greatness comes to those that can leave their egos at the door. I also remember her lecturing me and often referring to, " if you didn't have such a huge ego" and it pissed me off. Always erupting into a heated argument, and yes, " I was an egomaniac."  I have spent years working on how my ego interacts with my personality. Recently, a friend was telling someone; Chad has a strong personality, and I was thinking, has my ego returned? [caption id="attachment_112671" align="alignnone" width="235"]Don't let this photo fool you, Judy Harris was a business assassin, if you got in her sightline, you were done. Don't let this photo fool you, Judy Harris was a business assassin, if you got in her sightline, you were done.[/caption] The day I walked into the gym I joined, I told myself just focus on your weaknesses, work on the things that frighten you the most, and try to excel at things that you can't do. Work on your mental game.  Stay the course and whatever you do, leave all the bullshit behind. Shortly after meeting with Beaux, the co-founder of Geaux Performance Training, and my new training coach, he said, " leave your ego at the door." It was like my life was in a continual flashback. Was Judy Harris standing before me transformed into the muscle bound figure? I replied, " No ego here, I just want to improve and do better." How does this translate into improving my weakness that I promised myself I would change? How can I take 60 mins a day to improve my life? Oddly enough I also learned that I don't mind losing anymore. When I was younger, I hated losing. It pissed me off. Today, I find myself taking a competitive loss at any level and looking at ways to improve my mental game. I also find myself being able to control my concentration and staying the course, even when I am at a disadvantage or losing. Over the last week, I have come to a crossroads and have to come clean and say, " I'm scared." It is crazy that this new place full of fun and welcoming people made me realize that I have fears and they are real. This all came to light when or how I was unable to complete a skill at this new gym. I am challenged the most by the other co-founder, Kristen. Her questions got me thinking. Am I scared, or am not taking this opportunity to better myself? Do I see her questions as personal attacks to my ego? Am I such an egomaniac that I don't get the issue? Well, the short answer is, " no you dumbass she is trying to get the bottom of your fear." The long answer, it's complicated. Today, I realized that I am on the right course.  I had prepared a list of very productive things to help my company excel during the holiday season and at 9:49 am, everything changed.  My wife has been struggling with back issues from a car accident.  She couldn't get out of bed.  So I set out to take the role of a retailer for the day at her new retail store, Relish.  As I walked in her store, I noticed piles of boxed and new deliveries arriving. See, I had spent all night entering new products and updating her website so that I could focus on my business. Now I am standing in her store,  talking to myself," you have to be kidding me!" I was yelling at Lexa, play some EDM, to get the energy level going because the Red Bull slamming need some backup.  As the day went on, deliveries arrived, customers came and went, I found myself just exhausted.  I had been up for 35 hours. To top it all off, my legs felt like they were falling off from a workout session from the day before.  As the day begins to come to a close, and I head towards my office, I was fallen asleep at the red lights.  "How the hell am I going to workout in 30 mins from now" yes I was talking to myself again.  I sat at my computer and pulled up the workout for the day. It was all stuff that I could barely do.  Then I said, " Well, stop with all the BS, and let's go get wrecked." [caption id="attachment_112675" align="alignnone" width="1024"]unspecified-8_1024x1024 Beth Harris' retail store, Relish on Metairie Road.[/caption] My workout started and finished. I feel like I was dying.  My legs are like concrete blocks hanging from my shorts.  Was it the rowing from Monday, the back squats?  No, it was the 80 front squats as fast as you could do them and as a bonus, every three minutes- do five burpees for not being done yet. It was like 9 minutes of terror.  Forget about the 60 squats today and the running.  I HAVE CONCRETE BLOCKS also known as my thighs. The insight: tonight's workout were things I can not do, that is why I went.  The challenge of not being able to do these skills, helps me focus on my weaknesses rather than my strengths and yes, I made sure my ego was safely checked at the door.

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