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Best Uses for Topiaries in a Home

Ivy topiaries are a popular way of making a home more gracious and attractive. You can use them to fill an empty space, and you can accent, add interest, or balance a space. And not only do live topiaries add visual appeal, they improve your indoor environment by cleaning the air. There are no hard and fast rules when decorating with topiaries, whether indoors or outdoors. There are so many things you can do with them, in addition to just placing ornaments on them. Depending on where you put them inside a home, you can use a single topiary, pair them, or even group a few together. And don't think they're only for large, formal homes. You can choose smaller shapes with lower profiles for smaller, more intimate rooms. Our selection at The Garden Gates includes globes, cones, and balls that can sit on small tables without taking up much space. Ivy Wreath Small Ivy Rustica Birdcage Small If you want to create a grouping of topiaries, the plants don't even have to be the same shape and size to look good together. You can add extra variety and interest by mixing pieces of different heights and sizes. You can combine globes that sit low with taller, vertical shapes like cones or balls. Low or slender topiaries are good choices for shelves and tabletop centerpieces; unlike taller, thicker shapes, they take up less space and do not block the view. You can place them next to candles, statuettes, figurines, pottery pieces, framed photos or pictures. Topiaries are an especially popular feature of centerpieces for holidays, celebrations and other special occasions. For example, we have a candleholder or star, wreaths , reindeer for Christmas. A cone topiary is a favorite choice for a living Christmas tree. We also have rustic trellis, a delightful gazebo, hearts , and baskets for an Easter theme; you can also include a bunny and wine caddy you can fill with Easter eggs. With a vertical topiary on either side, you can balance an entryway doorway, French doors, window, fireplace mantle, mirror, print, photo, painting, poster, couch, chest, other large piece of furniture. One or more on a shelf, mantle, buffet, window sill, hallway, long counter, or table. Put a vertical shape, like a cone, spiral, or ball, in a corner. We have single, double, and triple balls on stems, as well as ball and cone combinations. Consider the space below a mirror or painting. A ball, ring, or grouping of small topiaries can be very attractive there. That idea can even work in your bathroom, especially if it has a window for sufficient light. If you have a clawfoot bathtub, a vertical topiary can look good on the floor beside it. Choose well-proportioned, attractive planters to hold your topiaries. Think about changing the pots from time to time, varying their color, shape, and texture. Try placing your topiaries in baskets or deep bowls next to other plants, even cactus and other succulents. Topiaries can also look good on the floor beside furniture pieces like sofas and chairs. Swap out your topiaries and rotate your collection from time to time. Those planted in a growers pot can be put in a decorative planter of your choice you line with plastic. You can also place dried grasses, mosses, and silk flowers in the pot at the base of vertical topiaries to fill in any empty spaces. That will save you the bother of replanting the topiary, as well as allowing you to switch decorative planters for a different look whenever you please - the possibilities are infinite. The Garden Gates has a wide variety planters to suit your fancy. Remember to mist your plants often so they don't dry out. Indoor heating can dry them out more quickly. To keep the roots moist, occasionally remove them from any decorative planters, water, drain, then return to planters. Ivy topiaries are shipped straight to you or directly to friends and loved ones as gifts throughout the year. Make sure to keep your ivy topiaries watered in an area that receives filtered sunlight from windows or is shaded when outdoors.

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